After a barrage of guest writers, for this weeks edition of “Something For The Weekend” we’ve somewhat returned back to our roots as Already Heard’s very own Rosie Kerr takes over the feature and highlights three up and coming bands for your listening pleasure. However not only is Rosie part of Team Already Heard, she also owns and runs a PR group called Ebb & Flow PR.

Since forming Ebb & Flow late last year, Rosie has worked with the likes of Burn DaylightHearts & Souls, Joe Lewis, All The Best Tapes and more recently, The Arteries.

Like the rest of the AH team, Rosie is passionate about discovering and exposing great new music so for her stint as guest writer she has picked out three need-to-know bands.

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Doing the work I do, it’s often that I come across a lot of really uninteresting and uninspired music. Same old same old and it can leave a person disillusioned. That’s why I was pretty excited to be the writer of “Something For The Weekend” this week as it’s my chance to talk about bands that have reignited my love for great records. It’s not too often I see or listen to bands that really excite me but below are just three examples of great people doing great things that should be recognised.


For Fans Of: Rites Of Spring. The Promise Ring, Emo revivals, and Byker Grove.
Wade are a punk/emo band from Newcastle reminiscent of emo bands gone by. Now I’ve seen Wade twice now, and they were one of my picks for our bands to watch in 2013 review. Both times I’ve seen them I’m just really really excited for their future and I can see some wonderful potential in them. They have one current track recorded (and hopefully more to come!) and there are now some videos online from a show in a comic book store, Travelling Man in Manchester, from this previous weekend with 1994! I think once Wade have something solid recorded they’ll be around the UK some more so you should definitely be watching out for that, and head down to see them!

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Hail, Chillingham by Wade</a>

Wade on Bandcamp, Facebook and Tumblr.


Modern Baseball
For Fans Of: The Weakerthans and The Front Bottoms.
Modern Baseball from Pennsylvania are a band that have been continually talked about by myself since the release of their latest record ‘Sports/. I’ll admit that their previous works didn’t hook me, and it took this record for me to realise what an incredible band they can be. I think a lot of people reading this may already be aware of this band as I feel they’re being talked about a fair amount in the UK punk community, but rightly so! Definitely one of my favourite band / record finds of 2012, and very reminiscent of ‘Left and Leaving’ era Weakerthans. Not many bands around that can capture that lyrical connection like Modern Baseball do. This week they also signed to Run For Cover Records! There will be a second pressing of ‘Sports’ along with Lame-O Records for your listening delight! We told you this band were one to watch in 2013!

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Sports by Modern Baseball</a>

Modern Baseball on Bandcamp, Facebook and Twitter.


For Fans Of: Early Title Fight, Jawbreaker, and fists in the air sing-a-longs.
To put it simply, Hindsights are a bunch of moody emo kids from Berkshire (musically anyway! ). Their record ‘Weathered’ is probably one of the best recorded things I’ve heard from a UK band in a long long time. All I can really say is that Hindsights have created, in my eyes, a pretty perfect little record with ‘Weathered’ and if you are yet to listen to it head over to their bandcamp and give it a spin.

They also more recently have a split out with Wester containing two even more wonderful tracks. The one thing I can’t get over with this band is not only how great musically they are, but how much it seems like they care about good production and recording and I like that a lot. It looks like at the beginning of February they’re doing a small run of UK dates so check that out and catch them quickly!

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Weathered by Hindsights</a>

Hindsights on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Further information on Ebb and Flow PR can be found on their Official Website and Facebook page.

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