Song Premiere: Major Moment – How Would You Know?

Major Moment
Major Moment
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Just over 12 months ago, the music world was stunned by the untimely loss of Chester Bennington. The influence of the Linkin Park vocalist was and continues to be, far and wide. Since Chester’s death in July 2017, many fans and bands have paid tribute to Chester in a variety of ways.

Amongst them is multi-national Boston-based band Major Moment. For vocalist/guitarist Andrey Borzykin, Bennington was a role model and a major inspiration. Having recently released a cover of Linkin Park’s ‘Leave Out All the Rest’Major Moment are preparing to release a new EP called ‘One Small StEP‘ on September 7th. Its six songs sees Borzykin along with Gabriel De Mattia De Oliveira (guitar), Alexandra “Sasha” Razumova (vocals) and Adam Soucy (drums) reflect on several topics such as relationships and loss. While the influence of Chester Bennington serves as the EP’s musical and lyrical spine.

As a preview of what Major Moment and ‘One Small StEP‘ has to offer, we’re premiering its latest single – ‘How Would You Know?’

“This song was written during the time of tremendous stress and heartbreaking loss of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, who was a great deal of inspiration for our band. With ‘How Would You Know?’ I was trying to answer some questions I kept asking myself, imagining what was going through Chester’s mind in his darkest moments by revealing some of the feelings I’m dealing with at times,” Borzykin tells us. “The importance of mental health in our lives is seriously overlooked, and the results could often be tragic. With the current pace of our lives, when everything you wish for is available at the touch of a button, we often forget how to keep our minds healthy and clean, and how to look after each other. It’s dangerous because we’re ashamed to talk about mental health issues, and in the time of crisis, those who truly care about you have no idea what you’re dealing with inside.”

 ‘One Small StEP‘ by Major Moment is released on 7th September.

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