Svalbard and Pariso have announced plans to release a split LP that will include 2 collaborative tracks.

The record will be released on 7th July on Tangled Talk in the UK, Holy Ground in the USA, Swarm of Nails in France and Through Love in Germany.

1. Floating Anchors – Pariso & Svalbard
2. Howl Of The Forest – Pariso
3. Underground Notes – Pariso
4. Helios, The Demise – Pariso
5. Delirium – Pariso
6. Ripped Apart – Svalbard
7. Grayscale – Svalbard
8. Allure – Svalbard
9. Faceless – Svalbard & Pariso

The first of the 2 collaborative tracks, ‘Floating Anchors’ can be streamed on Thrash Hits or by clicking read more.

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