The Get Up Kids Announce ‘Something To Write Home About’ 25th Anniversary Release

The Get Up Kids
Photo Credit: Shawn Brackbill

Influential emo band, The Get Up Kids, have revealed plans to celebrate 25 years of their seminal second album, ‘Something to Write Home About’, with a deluxe reissue later this year. It will see the original album remastered along with a whole side of demos. It will be released digitally on August 23rd and physically on September 20th via Polyvinyl Record Co.

The album was remastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound and the packaging features expanded artwork. While the album’s worth of demos reveals key lyric changes and abandoned instrumental ideas.

The announcement of ‘Something to Write Home About’ 25 is complemented by the release of a music video for album opener – ‘Holiday’. Consisting of tour footage from the era, The Get Up Kids’ guitarist and vocalist Matt Pryor commented on the video; “The biggest takeaway from watching this video is how young we were. It’s like watching your parents’ home movies of you riding a big wheel in the backyard. Just babies. A lot of these are from a time when the record was finished but people hadn’t really heard it yet.

“We’d just spent a long, frustrating year trying to get it made and when it finally saw the light of day we just came out swinging. I remember a lot of these shows, The Fireside Bowl in Chicago particularly. That always felt like a home away from home for us back then. The kids onstage in these videos really have no idea how much this album will change their lives, that we’ll still be talking about it twenty five years later.”

A demo version of ‘Holiday’, with different lyrics, can also be heard below.

Something to Write Home About (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Something to Write Home About (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) 2xLP Tracklist:

1. Holiday
2. Action & Action
3. Valentine
4. Red Letter Day
5. Out of Reach
6. Ten Minutes
7. The Company Dime
8. My Apology
9. I’m a Loner Dottie, a Rebel
10. Long Goodnight
11. Close to Home
12. I’ll Catch You

1. One Year Later (Demo)
2. Close to Home (Demo)
3. Out of Reach (Demo)
4. Holiday (Demo)
5. Valentine (Demo)
6. My Apology (Demo)
7. Red Letter Day (Demo)
8. Ten Minutes (Demo)
9. Central Standard Time (Four Track Demo)
10. Long Goodnight (Four Track Demo)
11. The Company Dime (Four Track Demo)
12. I’ll Catch You (Four Track Demo)


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