The Menzingers Share ‘Gone West’

The Menzingers
Photo Credit: Danielle Dubois

The Menzingers have debuted a new song titled ‘Gone West’. It comes as the Philadelphia punks are set to release a deluxe edition of their latest album, ‘Some Of It Was True’, this Friday (May 31st).

Recorded during the same sessions that would be ‘Some of it Was True’, ‘Gone West’ is delivered with The Menzingers‘ familiar brand of Americana-tinged punk. Accompanied by earnest lyricism and an earthly rhymic section, it’s a short reminder of the quartet’s storytelling flair.

“We recorded ‘Gone West’ at the same time as ‘Some of it Was True’ and although we didn’t think it fit just right on the album, it has some of my favorite guitar and vocal melodies,” explains vocalist/guitarist Tom May. “The lyrics are a tongue-in-cheek play on accepting the truth of your own mortality. I always thought “goin’ west” was an interesting euphemism for dying; following the sun.”

‘Gone West’ is one of two bonus tracks that accompany the original album released last October. The second previously unreleased track is called ‘The Last One Killed Me’. You can view the full tracklisting below.

As previously announced, The Menzingers will be back in the UK at the end of the year as they celebrate the 10th anniversary of ‘Rented World’.

6th Underworld, London
7th Underworld, London

The Menzingers - Some Of It Was True (Deluxe)

1. Hope Is A Dangerous Little Thing
2. There’s No Place In This World For Me
3. Nobody Stays
4. Some Of It Was True
5. Try
6. Come On Heartache
7. Ultraviolet
8. Take It To Heart
9. Love At The End
10. Alone In Dublin
11. High Low
12. I Didn’t Miss You (Until You Were Gone)
13. Running In The Roar Of The Wind
14. Gone West
15. The Last One Killed Me

‘Gone West’ Lyrics

True Believers say your prayers
Non Believers’ God don’t care at all
Time to give up all you’ve known
The light will leave without you
Now I’m bleeding everywhere
Glow through the smoke filled air, c’mon
Gotta give up all you’ve known
The light will leave without you

To Better Homes
Take what you can
But not your body
Not your hands
And we’re Dreaming California
Set with the Sun
Make no promises
Become No One
Can you let it go?

Last time I heard my name
Disappear like tears in rain
Long shadow cast no more
The light will leave without you
No “hello” no “goodbyes”
Seen through a stranger’s eyes
Time to give up all you’ve known
The light will leave without you


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