The Place We Call Home: Currents

After years of finding their feet through various sound and line-up changes, rising metalcore/djent band Currents are now ready to take on the world. Their debut album, ‘The Place I Feel Safest’, is an onslaught of chugging guitars and domineering drums with Brian Wille displaying an admirable range through harsh and clean vocals. While the occasional use of electronica brings a slick layer to proceedings.

Although the band have experienced several changes since forming in 2011; Wille joined the band in 2015, Currents have always called the state of Connecticut their home. The “Nutmeg State” state was founded by Dutch settlers with two former Presidents of the United States of America, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, having roots in Connecticut. While it’s main cities and towns consist of Bridgeport, New Haven (home to the highly recognised Yale University), Hartford, and Stamford. And as we learn, CT has a connection to the paranormal.

To give us a better insight into Connecticut, we spoke to Currents vocalist Brian Wille about its influence, its local music scene, and more.

The City:

Brian: We are from all different parts of Connecticut. I think what makes us proudest to be from there is that we come from a small scene that has been through many changes and has gone through a great deal of hardship. To be a band that’s going beyond our local scene and is being given a chance to represent, it is a huge source of pride for our band.

Its People and Culture:

Brian: Connecticut’s known for a massive amount of paranormal activity. It’s the home of the Warrens, known as being the inspiration for movies like the Conjuring, Annabelle and The Haunting in Connecticut. Plenty of celebrities like Seth McFarlane, Glenn Close and Meg Ryan are also from CT. The people are a bit of a combination of the people of New York and Massachusetts; hostile and in a rush to get everywhere. “Northern Hostily” is a real thing, and you can get a good taste of it in Connecticut.

The Music It Inspires:

Brian: Most of the notable bands out of CT are metal; which speaks to the hostile nature I guess! Bands like Hatebreed, 100 Demons, Fates Warning and Blood Has Been Shed have all come out of Connecticut at different times; which goes to show that metal has always been a constant in our state.

Its Most Famous Musical Sons and Daughters:

Brian: Hatebreed is one of the bands that broke me into hardcore. Knowing that they’re from Connecticut gives me another thing to be to be proud of and it gives me a picture of success to strive for.

Its Unsung Heroes:

Brian: Anyone who books shows or runs venues throughout Connecticut. Our buddy Justin Leach, in particular, is a person I’d consider to be a hero in our state. Justin books for The Webster Theatre and The Worcester Palladium and has helped us out immensely throughout the time of this band. He’s also bringing big shows in and giving locals a chance to get in front of large audiences. People like Justin who revitalise venues and attempt to grow the local scene are people who deserve recognition.

The Bands To Watch Out For:

Brian: Boundaries and Pry are two locals we’re pretty excited about. There’s a new band called Kidnapped that I really dig as well. Outside of metal, there’s Rosehaven, Pinfinger and Reduction Plan that are all really cool. For such a tiny state, Connecticut has a lot of awesome music, and it’s great to have such quality bands in our scene.

The Venues We Visited:

Brian: The venues I grew up going to were the Heirloom Arts Theatre, the El n’ Gee and Tuxedo Junction; all of which aren’t around anymore. Connecticut still has the Webster, Toad’s Place and College Street Music Hall as far as bigger venues, and we’ve all seen tons of shows at each.

Personally, I was definitely influenced most by the Heirloom; it was 5 minutes from my house and I was fortunate enough to help out there for a couple shows. The Heirloom had this sense of community that I want to replicate every time we play a show. It’s a hard thing to explain, but I want people to feel as connected to us and to our live show as I felt about the Heirloom.

The Venues We Played:

Brian: We’ve played The Webster and the Heirloom Arts Theatre more than any other Connecticut venue. Both venues and the people who run/ran them have helped establish Currents as a name in CT. The band would often get the opportunity to open for touring acts coming through town, which helped grow Currents and gave us the opportunity to headline our own shows at both venues. We wouldn’t be where we are if it weren’t for those places.

If I Wrote A Song About My Hometown:

Brian: It could definitely go either way; we could write a song about all the turmoil the band has gone through in the past, or we could write about the people who’ve stood behind Currents since it started; dealing with line-up changes, sound changes and general trouble we’ve put Connecticut through. All in all it’s not a perfect place, but Connecticut’s been good to us, and we have no reservations about representing our home.

‘The Place I Feel Safest’ by Currents is out now on SharpTone Records.

Currents links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp


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