Late last month Scottish modern metallers Neshiima released their new mini-album – ‘Beware of Gifts’. With elements of rap metal and tech metal, the quintet have produced a dynamic and intriguing collection that revolves a unique concept. ‘Beware of Gifts’ is inspired and centres around the Japanese myth of Urashima Taro.

Interested to find out more? Well thankfully the band have took the opportunity to fill us with what ‘Beware of Gifts’ all about.

About ‘Beware of Gifts’
‘Beware of Gifts’ comprises eight songs. Each tell a part of a saga which begins with the Japanese tale of Urashima Taro. It develops into an extended version of the fable.

Beware of Gifts from a Dragon Princess
This tells the tale of Kaya and her demise. She is the heroine of our tale and falls victim to the same human ‘end’ as Urashima Taro.
The Dragon Emperor, Ryujin has her post human life hanging in the balance as he wishes to use her for a mission to suit only his own ends.

Those Who Suffer
Kaya is used to lure the aged Urashima to a watery death, as he has lived an extraordinarily long and superhuman length of time out of the grasp of the sea god. Ryujin sees this as his opportunity to use Kaya as bait.

Above the Storm
Kaya poses as a potential mate and companion for Urashima, soothing his pains and mental anguish. An evil plot is impending.

Taken by the Tide
This is a mental monologue, a glimpse of Kaya’s acceptance of what she must do and how deep she has become in playing her part in her dealings.

The Cycle
This is finally the point that Urashima accepts that Kaya is intertwined with his destiny, and that there is nothing he is willing to do to stop an inevitable negative outcome to his pain.

Become the Ocean
The wishes of Ryujin have at this point come to fruition. Urashima loses his lonesome extended mortality at the bottom of the ocean.

So Easy
The plot at this point takes a twist, as very short and sharp twist.
Kaya, in her return to Ryujin – after their deal comes to a conclusion – opens up an inroad to another offer. Her Life, and those of others are in the balance.

Play Your Part
Kaya realises what she must do to remain pure and without blame in the death of the old man with whom she realises she must honour.
The past is brought back to life. The myth, the fable, the story of Urashima Taro – it is all a lie. The purity of Kaya’s actions at this point change the fabric of history itself.

‘The Beware of Gifts’ EP and its accompanying comic finalise the story. The audio-visual experience is one not to be missed. You can purchase it here.

‘The Beware of Gifts’ by Neshiima is out now.

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