The Parallel - Embark EP

Earlier this month Canadian tech hardcore/prog metallers The Parallel released their impressive debut EP – ‘Embark’. Over the course of 15 minutes, the quintet produce a superb concoction of math-metal, hardcore and prog that is delivered with intent.

After we awarding the EP with a four out of five review, the band offered to give us a track-by-track break down of ‘Embark’. Here is what they had to say.

1. Embark
‘Embark’ summarizes the EP and its lyrical content, the song name represents the beginning of our music careers as we set off on our first tours and first time playing outside of our home country Canada.

2. Pendulum
‘Pendulum’ is about moving on with your life and making the right changes to better yourself. It also talks about the struggles of reverting back and getting caught up in the past and losing sight of who you really are. The title of the song represents how time keeps ticking away and it waits for no one. Everything can heal in time, and it might sound cliché but tomorrow is a new day.

3. Shipwrecked
‘Shipwrecked’ is about getting caught up in the same daily routine day in and day out. Those days you have where you feel like you’ve lived it a thousand times over and you’re not making any progress. The chorus talks about that stage in life everyone goes through where the future feels uncertain and you don’t know what to do or where to go in life. You only get one chance in life so you have to go after what you want, the worse you can do is to just give up when you’re down and stop caring. Sometimes you need to look around and see the people who support and care about you and look to them for strength.

4. Endeavours
‘Endeavours’ is about deciding to go after what you want and not being trapped inside your own head. People get so caught up with negative thoughts and insecurities and use them as reasons to not chase after their goals. It’s hard to move forward in life when you’re so wrapped up in your past. Sometimes you can beat yourself down so much that it feels like you can never escape, but we all have to realize and accept who we are and our limitations and know your past does not define your future.

‘Embark EP by The Parallel is out now on Subliminal Groove.

The Parallel links: Facebook|Bandcamp

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