On October 2nd, Bedfordshire quartet V/Vega release their new EP – ‘Leaving Lyra’. With their inflences ranging from
The Dillinger Escape Plan, Dance Gavin Dance and Periphery to Karnivool, the EP sees V/Vega produce a compelling blend of ambient progressive metal and engaging alternative rock.

Throughout the EP ebbs and flows between pure ambience and impactful, hard-hitting moments via brutal riffs and gigantic choruses that proves V/Vega are ones to watch.

As the four-piece wait patiently to unleash ‘Leaving Lyra’ on the world, they have been kind enough to give Already Heard the track-by-track lowdown on the EP.

1. Lyra
Being the opening track, we wanted to demonstrate a dynamic range of energies – from fast paced metal to the more progressive, ethereal elements of Karnivool, Underoath and Radiohead. This blend leads the listener on a bi-polar journey of steady jogging, uphill sprinting and back down again!

Lyrically, it covers a moment that many people encounter at some point in their life, that being the decision to plan your future. We have all been playing music from a very young age and, throughout growing up, our dream has been to play in a professional, touring band full time. However, reality has to hit home at some point. At the ages we currently are, serious decisions have to be made regarding how seriously we’re willing to take the band. Ignoring all clichés, it’s now or never.

2. The Grand Declaration
This is perhaps the most colourful track on the EP in terms of mood and melody, despite its intensity and aggression. An alternative name for this song could be “happiness on cocaine!” It contains a nice, smooth, clean section to let the listener breath before the thick chords, sour leads and bass slapping kick back in.

The music fits the tone and meaning behind the lyrics quite well. It is about separating yourself from something in order to grow and progress. This could apply to a relationship, a career, fitness etc. In our case, it was written about having to end a relationship and, whilst it was a hard decision, it was for the best. One lyric in particular stands out – “I stormed the castle of such peace and perfection, only to leave as an arsonist” – meaning it would’ve been better to have stayed away in the first place to avoid the upset that was eventually caused.

3. Wanderer
The most important aspect of this track is the mournful lead guitar which persists throughout the track. We wanted just two notes to drift seamlessly, binding the song to a consistent emotion whilst hovering over the chaotic riffage (if that’s even a real word? It is now!).

The lyrics build on this to look at the darker subject of mental health. Years ago, a friend of ours became seriously ill to the point his condition deteriorated in the space of just one week. It was a scary but very real insight into a breakdown and the importance of mental health. It left such an impact that we couldn’t not write about it on this EP.

4. Reaching Eden (ft. Jerry Roush)
This is the most Deftones-inspired track – from the nu-metal intro riff to the dense chords and eerie reverb swells. As the EP closer, we certainly wanted to end with a bang. We fused a lot of different components which, consequently, has made this our most exotic song.

It has everything from funky bass interludes to emotional, aggressive chord progressions and outright evil riffs! Jerry Roush (Glass Cloud) also adds some variety with his vocal patterns whilst maintaining the heaviness and intensity we were looking for.

The lyrics perfectly match this aggression. It is about being betrayed. However, the lyrics do contain a silver lining. There will always be many things in life that affect us negatively, but the majority of the time, we can learn from these experiences and better ourselves. It is important not just to live, but to live and learn.

‘Leaving Lyra’ EP by V/Vega is released on October 2nd on Crooked Noise Records (Physical pre-order)/Digital pre-order).

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