Uncle Luc has revealed details of a new mini-album called ‘Stay Clean.’

The 5 track release was recorded at Lolipop Studios in Echo Park, Los Angeles, and will be available on extremely limited 7” (10 copies!) through Super Fan 99 Records. All songs were recorded live to half inch tape and completed within 3 hours with a maximum of 3 takes per song.

Uncle Luc is otherwise known asLuke Barham, formerly of Stagecoach, who passed on the following comment about the mini-album:

“The idea was to trap the songs while they were as fresh as possible. With digital technology these days it’s very easy to over think and over cook a recording with endless takes and edits. A song can sometimes end up getting a little lost. I wanted to make this set of songs feel as vibrant and alive as possible and that meant getting them recorded with as little messing as possible while they were still fresh. Using old analogue gear was the natural choice to capture the songs in a real light”

1.Stay Clean
2.As Close As I Can
3.I Wish I Was a Wonder
4.Goodnight Everybody
5.Quit Falling Over

Click read more to hear the title track – ‘Stay Clean.’

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