Video Premiere: Octopus Montage – ‘Solitude’

Octopus Montage

Having started life out as just a pair of siblings making an “easycore” cover of Simple Plan’s ‘What’s New Scooby-Doo’, Blackpool quartet Octopus Montage have gone on to play shows alongside ROAM, Mallory Knox, Cabin Boy Jumped Ship, The Bunny The Bear, Crazy Town and most recently, Eyes Set To Kill.

Along the way, the brother and sister pairing of Dec and Davina Naylor alongside vocalist Alex  Jennings and drummer Cain Dylan have developed a sound that embeds deathcore breakdowns into pop-punk sensibilities. You just have to listen to 2021’s ‘How To Live and How To Lose’ to see how seamless Octopus Montage transcend from crushing growls to irresistible soaring hooks.

Today sees them release their latest single – ‘Solitude’. It’s considerably Octopus Montage‘s most upbeat track to date. Thriving with radiant energy, crunching guitars, gang vocals, and threaded together with frustration, ‘Solitude’ is a welcome return for Octopus Montage.

We’ve teamed up with the band to premiere the video for ‘Solitude’.

“The thing with ‘Solitude’ is that because we’ve had so long in between releases, we’ve been able to constantly sit on and brew ideas for the next release which was always going to be this one,” said vocalist Alex Jennings commenting on how the track came together. “The song started off as a fully written 90-second song, written about a completely different subject and throughout its life, the song must’ve had three or four complete re-writes, it’s insane. As a collective though I think we believe that this is one of our strongest songs as it encompasses almost everything we do.’

‘Solitude’ by Octopus Montage is out now.

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