Album Review: Acres Of Lions – Collections

Acres of Lions are a four piece pop-rock band from Victoria, British Columbia. ‘Collections’ has already been released to Canada and Japan, now it’s the UK’s and Europe’s chance to see what this band has to offer. Acres of Lions are currently on their UK tour and for sure will be making new fans as you read this as Collections’ is an upbeat indie pop-rock album, filled with catchy upbeat melodies, beautiful Canadian vocals and awesome instrumental work. The record is delighted with little jingles, backing vocals and amazing keyboard sounds. 

The record begins with ‘Set Me On Fire’, a cheerful pop-punk beauty with catchy lyrics. This follows with ‘Fingers Crossed’, which has a wonderful piano backing track collaborated with the heavy catchy choruses; it’s a winning combination.

‘Reaction’ is the big hit from the album. The song has a wonderful upbeat introduction; the entire track is extremely captivating and has superb backing vocals with a catchy melody. 

The next track is ‘Kids, ,this has a more rocky melody mixed with a slower paced tempo, and outstanding electric guitar work. The album changes direction with ‘Forgive and Forget’ a mesmerizing emotional heart filled track, the backing vocals help to create a catchy melody. 

The favorite from the record is ‘Celebration’ with a catchy melody and rocky chorus; it makes this track simply a winner. ‘Narrow Miss’ opens with awesome electric guitar riffs, which follows on a similar route with more grand guitar and drum work.

The rare gem from the album is ‘Like A Drum’ which is innovative with child-like rhyming lyrics and twinkling keyboard tunes.

This album deserves a listen if you truly love your indie music, for the rock fans- I wouldn’t recommend. I was surprised by how diverse the tracks were and the musical talent is without a doubt there. The band is yet to find their sound and what makes them stand out against the crowd. This is only their second album, so the band is definitely progressing in the right direction.


‘Collections’ by Acres Of Lions is released on 26th November on Fierce Panda / Alcopop Records.

Acres of Lions links: Website|Facebook|Twitter 

Words by Chantelle Kelly (@ChantelleKelly3)


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