Album Review: Across All Oceans – Homegrown EP

imageAs much as pop punk as a genre can become a diluted area of discussion and littered with cliché and ridicule, the core influence for the music it produces is very much an important area of interest. Depression, loneliness, heartbreak and anxiety are subjects that pop up in the lyrical direction so very often, as it is seemingly easy to discuss it over a poppy riff and dissonant drumbeat than it is face to face. Across All Oceans know the power that music has and on their second EP ‘Homegrown’ harness it and deliver a short selection of songs that ease the burden that must be weighing on their shoulders.

From the get go, Across All Oceans want to make sure there is no love lost and bleed out as much pain as they can as quick as they can. The howling realisation and resilience of ‘Everywhere But Home’ sets out the blueprint of an EP full of self analysis and hopes of getting better, before ‘Permanence’ deals out swift heavy blows of hopes of leaving behind something more than a decaying vessel. It’s rigid, painful and difficult to swallow which is what makes it so engrossing and vital.

‘Monophobia’ channels the pain-stricken crunch of early Brand New with the emotional fear of being alone forever, while the title track rings true with visions of never really knowing where life is going to take you. A closing cry of ‘Eston Square’ rounds thing off with damaged delicateness and draws the curtain on a set of songs that are short on the running time but overflowing with enough bubbling dissonance to fill a whole album.

Across All Oceans play with their hearts pinned bravely to their shirts and their feelings bare for the world to see. Touching on very human emotions and delivering them with a controlled flow and in an undeniably addictive and heartfelt manner, there is plenty to be found within the folds of ‘Homegrown,’ irrespective of what level of bullshit you are trying to keep your head up in.


‘Homegrown’ by Across All Oceans is released on February 22nd.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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