Album Review: Alberto Alaska – True North EP


Hailing from Rochester, New York; local and unsigned 5 piece band, Alberto Alaska release 3 track EP, ‘True North’. It’s a blend of echoing guitars, pounding drums and a rhythm you just can’t avoid moving to. It delivers what you would expect from a post-rock alternative band, but perhaps not enough.

Opening track ‘Irene’ starts out promising; the guitars and drums are pleasing, but when the track kicks in with the vocals after the build up, it seems to be quite underwhelming – even bland in places. At some points, the vocalist is drowned out by the instrumentals. However, they are so good – a joy to listen to even – you almost forgive the vocals, which mostly sound too weak. 

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Next track ‘Charlotte’ is also similar; again, the guitar work and the drumming are good, but it’d be far better if the vocals were stronger; they work in some parts but mostly there’s a feeling that they don’t fit, and it’s perhaps almost too whiney.   

You could argue that by the third track, ‘Easier’ that this EP, is all starting to sound like the same song; however, you do find yourself moving your head along with the music, and by the fourth or fifth listen, it becomes an EP well worth your attention. It’s not an instant hit, but after a few listens you start to notice the potential and growth in the band. It is clear they are technically proficient and so on point; and there are clear influences by bands such as Circa Survive and Saosin in there.

‘True North’ is not by any means anything new, and nothing we haven’t heard from other bands in that genre. However, given the little amount this band has previously released – ‘True North’ being their second EP – there is so much potentially brilliant music that we haven’t heard from them yet.


‘True North’ by Alberto Alaska is out now.

Alberto Alaska Links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr|Bandcamp

Words by Sarah Russell (@sarahbydesign)


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