Album Review: Amplifier – Mystoria

Amplifier have always been somewhat of a cult fascination. A name continually cropping up in the peripherals of the genre’s hype list, yet never quite making it to the front lines. On their latest album ‘Mystoria’ released through the prolific Superball Music, the Mancunian rockers deliver yet another satisfying addition to their oddly intriguing back catalogue.

The instrumentals of ‘Magic Carpet’ set the tone with arpeggiated guitars and some enjoyably daft lead lines. From here in on, it’s a wealth of retrospective soundscapes that drive the album forward. ‘Named After Rocky’ rests on the laurels of an 80s tinged stadium rock sway, while ‘Cats Cradle’ playfully brings Wildhearts-esque hooks and choruses to the grind.

‘OMG’ boasts 7 minutes of ghost-train theatricality and could very well be giving a subtle nod to the themes implied by the album’s title. ‘Mystoria’’s finishing duo of ‘Crystal Mountain’ and ‘Crystal Anthem’ is without doubt the album’s double barrelled masterpiece. Part one unfolds in an unusually reserved manner before coming to fruition in layers of frenzied drumming and Pink Floyd meets Porcupine Tree harmonies. A fantastic sign off in every regard.

The production here deserves a particular nod too. It’s crisp, dynamic and confidently accentuates every nuance the album has to offer. Amplifier‘s¬†following may be fairly select, but there’s very little on this album that shouldn’t appeal to the broader masses. In short, their most concise and accessible effort to date. Regardless of your tastes, go check it out.


‘Mystoria’ by Amplifier is out now on Superball Music.

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Words by Joe Danher


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