Album Review: Andrew Vanstone – How We Got Here EP

Andrew Vanstone - How We Got Here EPIt is usually only the distinct small nuances can set acoustic artists in different leagues to each other. Cornwall singer-songwriter Andrew Vanstone’s second EP ‘How We Got Here’ is an attempt towards carving a mould for himself within the genre.

Part of Vanstone’s achievements is the way he has crafted songs such as ‘Baby Don’t Go’ which could undoubtedly have a broad pop accessibility. The EP showcases the vulnerable penmanship of Charlie Simpson and Sam Duckworth. However ‘How We Got Here’, for all of its poppy charm, has enough of a rawness that could translate beyond into the alternative circles.

Vanstone’s confessional tone is punchy and poignant where he pleads, “Sympathise with me because I wish we could talk about it,” on the title track, made clear with the brutal intent Vanstone challenges his subject. Clangs of acoustic guitar on ‘I Hope So’ comes in waves of thick walls of sound as a defeated Vanstone queries, “Can you love me? I don’t know, but I hope so.”

‘How We Got Here’ is grounded in honesty and sets out to cling onto the sweet spots of the listener’s sympathy. For those that are glutton for pop-orientated acoustics, there will be an instant attraction with Vanstone.


‘How We Got Here’ EP by Andrew Vanstone is out now on Super Sick Records.

Andrew Vanstone links: Facebook

Words by Aaron Akeredolu (@boymostlikelyto)


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