Album Review: Apologies, I Have None – London

After numerous EP and split releases and tours with the likes of I Am The Avalanche, Hostage Calm, Samiam and Crazy Arm, Apologies, I Have None have now released their début full-length; ‘London.’

A ten-track collection of honest, melodic punk that sees a band who are more than likely to be influenced by Against Me! Nevertheless over thirty-seven minutes, the quartet firmly make their mark.

From the start on ’60 Miles,’ Apologies… showcase confidence with a strong, bold melody that combines well with the bands mature lyrical approach. 

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One of the ‘London’’s stand-out points is its ability to continuously produce soaring choruses that are thoroughly enjoyable. ‘Sat In Vicky Park’ and ‘Clapton Pond’ are early, admirable examples of this. Whereas ‘Still Sitting Tight’ and ‘Holloway or Anywhere’ take those united crescendos and inject a thriving raw punk rock to it, giving them pleasing results and the record, as a whole, consistency.

Whilst the production of Peter Miles has made the bands sound more crisp, it also gives the bands radiant energy and truthful lyrics to be noticed. In addition it continuously highlights the bold, louder parts and concentrate the sincere moments thus making it a collection of well-structured songs. 

With consistency in their lyrics and musicianship, Apologies, I Have None have produced a concise record in ‘London.’ Though there isn’t much variation in style, it is clearly evident that they have poured their heart and soul into this record, and the final result is a record that they can be proud of and fans would admire.


‘London’ by Apologies, I Have None is out now.

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Words by Sean Reid


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