Album Review: Ashestoangels – How To Bleed

Gothic outcasts Ashestoangels are grabbing the reins, ready to show the scene exactly ‘How To Bleed’.

Ambitious protégés of horror punk innovators Aiden, these Bristol bruisers undoubtedly work their socks off – they’re hardly ever home from some tour or another. But this time, bursting with brief punk-laden efforts that never outstay their welcome, their fourth album ‘How To Bleed’ proves that such diligence really pays off.

For a start, instrumental maturity’s taken them by storm. As ‘Bound and Broken’ plays out one hell of a leading line and the lingering ‘Something To Believe’ holds a captivating solo at its heart, the intricate backing of ‘Light Me Up’ frames frontman Adam Crilly’s incendiary wails better than ever.

Reflective in their trademark menacing manner, ‘I Could Never Miss You’ offsets the sorrowful ‘I Remember When’, a lament to the golden days of previous musical loves. While ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ echoes the melodic conviction of Bullets-era MCR, Crilly’s strong David Bowie influences burst through his intonations in ‘Find Hell’. This is a band hinged on authentic passion drawn from their peers, and it’s so rarely showcased these days for fear of comparison.

From the punchy anthem of ‘Horror Cult’, an ode to their rapidly increasing following, to the vicious stomping of lead single ‘Not In My Name’, these are clearly no one-trick ponies. Their forte lies in vibrant imagery – While ‘Down We Go’ rouses images of a life support machine in its final tones, ‘Ghost In The Machine’ is set to an unnerving heart rate, lamenting mortal loss with a showcase of Crilly’s vocal prowess.

With cauldrons full of gothic fervour, Ashestoangels are going to cause some real toil and trouble.


’How To Bleed’ by Ashestoangels is released on April 15th.

Ashestoangels links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Ali Cooper (@AliZombie_)


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