Album Review: Bad Sign – De L’amour


Bad Sign are a small-time rock band hailing from Croydon. The first thing I noticed, it’s got to be the beautiful erotic album cover artwork! It certainly doesn’t reveal the band’s fearsome sound and rocky punch, but relates to the songs beautiful lyrics and the overall essence of the album.

The record begins with ‘Cuba’, which stars heavy rock riffs with a quickening pace. The song has awesome vocals with powerful screams. ‘Cuba’ is a heavy, powerful electrifying hit that certainly packs a rocky blow. This follows with ‘Reparation’ another fast-pace track, with more amazing vocals and a fantastic melody. The chorus is an emotional influential masterpiece that will get you singing along. Whilst listening to the tracks, its obvious Bad Sign are a talented bunch that has a true love and passion for creating music. The songs are catchy, powerful, with incredible instrumentals and fresh raw vocals.

One unique track is ‘If Ignorance Is Bliss…’ with its playful melodic guitar, slow-pace and a wonderfully moving chorus. It’s different to the rest of the album; it’s sweetly dreamy and harmonious. This follows with ‘Drones’ which has the same captivating quality, with a deep base and heavy rock style. The melody is quick and powerful which then breaks down into this mesmerising emotional chorus that sweetly tugs on your heart strings. The track then closes with a heavy instrumental and one last smashing scream.

The favourite track is ‘Vicissitude I’ a stunning acoustic track, simply tender and soulful. The song is absolutely beautiful, with soft sweet vocals and poetic guitar riffs. The entire track is breathtaking, pouring with sorrow that takes you on a whirlwind of emotions. The lyrics are powerfully delicate, ‘you and me, we come and go just like we did before… take back the words that I gave to you that night’. The album also stars ‘Vicissitude II’, a heavy rock version of the beautiful acoustic number.

The other smashing hit is ‘Urgence’ for its diverse range of melodies and dramatic instrumental take downs. The song weaves between this heavy fast-paced powerful rock styles, to a slow melodic emotional piece. It’s certainly exceptional and completely enchanting; you will soon find yourself screaming along to the catchy prevailing chorus.

‘De L’amour’ is an outstanding innovative record, full of creativity and passion. The variety and diversity of the whole album is exceptional, and the main reason why you’ll fall in love with it so much. Every track is wonderfully unique, delving from heavy rock to sweet soft acoustic. Bad Sign are wickedly talented, and have produced a five-star album that deserves to be flying off the shelves in record shops. It’s simple, this band are going to be BIG.


‘De L’amour’ by Bad Sign is available now.

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Words by Chantelle Kelly (@ChantelleKelly3)


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