Album Review: Baron – Torpor

Baron - TorporBaron pretty much seamlessly encapsulate the sound of Britain down to a tee. Not the bushelling streets or the expanding industry, more the sounds of the rolling hills and rivers overflowing with history and agriculture. More the secrets and the stories hidden between the rocks on our shorelines. The band write music that reflects the lush and sometimes overlooked roots of our country and share it for the world to ponder and learn from.

Such is their storytelling at its most vibrant than on new album ‘Torpor’. As opener ‘Dragonfly’ melts into the dense and delicate bewilderment of ‘Mark Maker’ and the careful guitars of ‘Deep Down’ leak into the blissful beauty of the epic ‘Stry’, rolling fields of green and oceans of blue are brought to life in a rurally engrossing and precisely vital manner.

Torpor by Baron

Baron have put together a set of delicate, at times dark and thoroughly consuming songs held tightly together by vivid imagery and deep undertones that will still hold new meanings and ideas on the seventeenth listen as much as the seventh.


’Torpor’ by Baron is released on November 13th on Svart Records.

Baron links: Facebook|Bandcamp

Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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