Album Review: Basement – Promise Everything

Basement – Promise Everything
Like many, I was pretty gutted to hear that ‘Colourmeinkindness’ was to be Basement’s last record back in 2012. However, following their EP release in 2014, their seemingly “final” album wasn’t the bittersweet ending that we’d thought it was, and luckily the band’s shiny new album ‘Promise Everything’ is not one to miss. Whilst the raw crunch of their original sound is still very much there, there’s little remnants of more aggressive, brash previous tracks like ‘Spoiled’, marking the transition into a more melodic approach for their material – and whilst said transition has not made them completely indistinguishable from their older work, the change is still evident.

You might be on tenterhooks as it kicks in, but ‘Brother’s Keeper’ wastes no time with a catchy-as-f*ck hook and a pace that’ll rush you into the next song without thought. Ideas from the previous album are evident as ‘Hanging Around’ kicks in with a guiding chord progression which reveals hints of ‘Whole’, giving this one a very much nostalgic feel.

Consistency is something the Ipswich rockers have got nailed down as the record as a whole follows a raw, crunchy structure, with frontman Andrew Fisher’s rugged but polished vocals coaxing each track along. However there’s definitely some highlights, like title track ‘Promise Everything’, which was released last year as an excellent teaser. ‘Aquasun’ is another, and it’s already a big hit as a single, accompanied by a coincidentally aquatic video.

Whilst I personally feel a little lost without slower, more endearing tracks similar to ‘Comfort’ and ’Breathe’ coming into play, ‘Oversized’ makes up for this with a somewhat brighter-sounding track which still resonates poignant lyrics. Gotta love a sop-fest.

Basement have been unafraid and experimental with this comeback record and have proven that, to our relief, there is definitely more to come. The ten-tracker reveals fresh, new musical ideas and progression and is almost definitely going to be one of 2016’s most exciting releases.


’Promise Everything’ by Basement is out on 29th January on Run For Cover Records.

Basement links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Phoebe Messenger (@kangaezu_)


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