Album Review: Beaumont – Nothing EP

In recent years, the UK rock scene has seen a glut of bands come and go, many to be routine, faceless and vanilla, with very few promising any longevity. Beaumont are the latter.

On ‘Nothing’, the Digbeth, Birmingham group suitably blend downbeat lyricism with bright, melodic rock. Admittedly on early listens, you’re left unfulfilled yet with a little persistence, Beaumont supply a rewarding and infectious EP.

Early cuts ‘Cheapside’ and ‘Boys and Girls’ thrive off the summery hooks with vocalist Spencer Edmonds leading the way with a convincing display. Whilst drummer Mitchell Dornan is equally impressive on the latter, together both tracks set the momentum which does not falter for the remainder of the EP.

Throughout ‘Nothing’, Edmonds and co. play off a range of emotions. ‘Miserable’ serves the bands anti-social anthem with lyrics such as “I wish I was dead. Call me Mr Miserable,” being complimented by “woah”s. Meanwhile,

‘Art School’ lyrically thrives off the rage and affection of breaking up with a former lover alongside underlying sentiments. Whereas some bands in the genre would have presented the standard “woe is me” outlook, Beaumont’s lyrics are striking and have you hooked.

The Springsteen reference-laden ‘E Street’ rounds off the EP with another impassioned display. Edmonds’ performance is panic-striken with a tinge of regret as he proclaims “If I was born to run.”

As a whole, ‘Nothing’ is delivered in a wistful manner. It sees a band take the destitute influences from their home, and unite to deliver five slices of well-balanced collection of melodic alt rock. Through a range of emotionally heavy songs, Beaumont prove to be a shining beacon in an evolving genre. One where raw emotion and substance is being embraced above “radio-friendly” cookie-cutter bands.


‘Nothing’ EP by Beaumont is released on May 2nd on Reclaim Music.

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Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)


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