Album Review: Blackwork – Impasse

If you’ve never heard of Glasgow metal troupe Blackwork, then the opening minute of their new EP ’Impasse’ should tell you all you need to know. There’s no real relenting on any front by the quintet, and from the moment ‘Alias’ kicks in, all signs point to Scotland gaining a brand new potential heavyweight for its metal scene.

There’s been a lot of records lately that see emerging metalcore outfits thrashing out excellent tracks in the moment but leaving very little to keep coming back for. Straight from the off however, Blackworks establish themselves as an exception. Towering, almost power metal-esque vocal layering is adapted so well into the band’s visceral sound, providing precisely the hook needed to make the already impressive efforts of ’Alias’ and ’Filthist’ all the more memorable.

The title track offers an epic progressive twist on the band’s already multi-faceted style and ’Impasse’ wraps up leaving very few bad words – if any – to say. Debut EPs can often end up as sizzle reels of what a band is really capable of, with just a few quick highlights to speak of from start to finish. With ’Impasse’ however, there’s the potential for a whole lot more, and Blackwork have proved themselves both capable and deserving of a whole heap of attention.


‘Impasse’ by Blackwork is out now.

Blackwork links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Antony Lusmore (@VilinskiKonjic)


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