Album Review: Bleach Blonde – Beach Blonde EP


Forming just months ago in August 2012, Bleach Blonde is already pumping out tracks, working towards a full length due out this summer. But for now, they give us a three-song, self-titled EP that is a huge teaser of what’s to come from this Denver, Colorado alt-rock five piece.

Starting off with ‘Sea Mint Pastel’, this track is as light and nice sounding as the name evokes. It is very pop-punk-y, with excellent use of their dual vocalists. Lead vocalist Danny Stillman’s high, clear voice contrasts perfectly with the slightly rougher, deeper backing vocals from guitarist David Barella. It isn’t the most original sound, but it’s extremely likeable right away.

‘Play Catch Up’ is immediately edgier, with scratchy guitars, minor chords, and angsty lyrics. This grittier side of the band remains light and easy to listen to. They write and arrange in a classic way, and while nothing is unexpected, everything is very well done. They already have a handle on their sound and style, and it shows.

Ending the EP is ‘This is Instrumental’, which ends up being sort of a mix of the first two tracks. The instrumentals on this track are multi-layered, a bit of edge with a bit of pop. The rhythms and melodies have a tendency to change and morph into something else, keeping the song from getting stale. The jewel of this song is the soaring, dramatic bridge that really shows off Bleach Blonde’s knack for songwriting.

Three tracks are generally not enough to get a good feel for a band, but with Bleach Blonde, you really know exactly what they’re all about. They have a very mainstream, easy listening sound that is drenched in attitude and edge, keeping them away from a commercial, pop-radio sound. This short EP is such a tease. Their sound so addicting that you’ll listen over and over again in anticipation for more.


‘Bleach Blonde EP’ by Bleach Blonde is out now on Rise Records.

Bleach Blonde links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Jenny Gagas (@Jenny_herself)


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