Album Review: Blowgoat – Blowgoat EP

This is the debut, self-titled EP from Blowgoat, a band with perhaps the most ridiculous name on the planet. Once you get over the slightly disturbing name, you’ll find a tongue-in-cheek and genuinely entertaining release. Blowgoat (whose name I am going to use as often as possible here for maximum effect) are a five piece hardcore band hailing from Newport, South Wales. ‘Blowgoat’ is a fun, party record, filled with massive riffs, brutal vocals and a fantastically anarchic sound. With track names like ‘Yo Bitch… I’m Tom Waits’ you know you’re in for a good time and this is what Blowgoat hope to deliver on Blowgoat. 

‘Slackhole’ opens the EP and there is an immediate brashness about the record. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but taken with a pinch of salt, this sound is quite enjoyable. The band confess that they “rip off The Bronx and Every Time I Die” and this is a comfortable definition of their sound. Gruff vocals, with heavy, sleazy riffs and a strong drum beat. It’s a winning combination and this self-awareness of their own musical debt ironically helps the band from not being dismissed as shameless copycats. 

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Tracks like ‘Rhino’ and ‘The Purge’ are much of the same, with high-energy guitar riffs mixing with a brash and swaggering vocal style. These songs do not break the mould but are fun enough and the EP closes with particularly brutal ‘Misery Hammer.’ Whilst certainly being a fun listen, you are not urged to return to the record and these party songs lack some depth to them.

The approach Blowgoat take towards making music is admirable however it is not one that would work for every band. There is a care-free and organic way that the tracks on the EP come together, but this is backed up by some impressive riffs and a “who gives a fuck?” attitude that the band somehow manage to pull off. A fun, if not particularly deep, EP of party tracks.


‘Blowgoat EP’ by Blowgoat is available now on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Blowgoat links: Official Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Tom White


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