Album Review: Bonjour/Invalids/Nai Harvest/Reno Dakota – Split EP

This four way split from Bonjour, Invalids, Nai Harvest and Reno Dakota comes to us from Enjoyment Records based in Norfolk. It’s four slices of twinkly “indiemo” featuring two bands from the US and two from the UK. It’s available on a lovely limited 7’’ or for digital download.

First up, Bonjour, whose track ‘The Spice Must Flow’ serves up a dose of twinkle infused with some heavier parts, the vocals drive the song along alternating between shouts and singing, its melodic at the same time as being heavy. A good start to this split then, I’d say so.

Invalids are next with ‘Monary System’ who give us a lovely intro, with hand claps and a’capella vocals before descending into twiddly guitars, the vocals on this track are fantastic throughout, with some great alternating parts. The guitar work really stands out and carries the track forward and never feels boring.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Split 7" Vinyl by Bonjour/Invalids/Nai Harvest/Reno Dakota</a>

Sheffield’s Nai Harvest have been making waves already this year, with a fantastic 7" released on Pinky Swear, From A Mountain Far and Struggletown. On this split, we get another brilliant track from the duo. ’Red Letter Day, On Play’ reminds me a bit of Algernon Cadwallader and Snowing. Shouted vocals, twinkly guitars, for me its the stand out track of the record. It’s been reworked from the bands début EP (‘Ceiling Summer’) and sounds much more confident and considered. Nai Harvest are certainly a band to watch out for.

To close the release we get ‘Yeah, I’m Stalking’ from Cambridge’s Reno Dakota. It’s a three minute long indium pop gem, and builds on the band’s last release. It has swelling guitars, some great vocal harmonies and will no doubt be a sing along favourite live.


‘Split 7"’ by Bonjour/Invalids/Nai Harvest/Reno Dakota is available now on Enjoyment Records.

Enjoyment Records links: Official Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Ryan Clayton


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