Album Review: Born of Osiris – Soul Sphere

Born of Osiris – Soul SphereAs the sinister dark of winter sets in, Born of Osiris present yet another hectic chapter of monstrous fretwork and menacing screams.

Melodic and brutal in equal measure, throwing in the occasional atmospheric intermission in for good measure, for the most part Born of Osiris’ formula is pretty damn good. Setting the last four tracks aside, ‘Soul Sphere’ is a commanding demonstration of their talents, an assertive fourth addition to a back catalogue that’s shown the deathcore scene that it takes courage and unadulterated determination to make a name worthy of supporting the likes of Cannibal Corpse and Hatebreed.

Almost immediately crushing skulls with opener ‘The Other Half of Me’, their relentless authority asserts itself from the onset amid towering electric solos and quasi-symphonic infusions. “Just let my lungs fill with smoke, leave only my skin, a match and a stone,” snaps Ronnie Canizaro throughout the utterly contagious ‘Throw Me in the Jungle’, before showcasing the tireless drumming expertise of Cameron Losch with the venomous ‘Free Fall’.

There’s a remarkable hint of ‘Sempiternal’-era BMTH surfacing through the heartfelt atmos of ‘Illuminate’, preluding the contagious rhythm and melodic sway of ‘The Sleeping and the Dead’. A heart-wrenching electric solo through ‘Tidebinder’ prepares suitably for the unbridled rage of ‘Resilience’ spitting, “Death is not an option, the story is not over, it’s unlikely we will die.”

The punishing ‘Goddess of the Dawn’ makes its presence keenly felt with their trademark tricksy fretwork. However, this spectacular track is followed by ‘The Louder the Sound, the More We All Believe’ and the succeeding three tracks which close the record with painfully optimistic techy interludes. Having kept their glittering djent interests to the side for the most part, this curtain call somewhat offsets the phenomenal solo of ‘Warlords’ and the maniacal wails of closing ‘The Composer’.

Born of Osiris certainly deliver when it comes to riffs that leave you breathless, and ‘Soul Sphere’ is no different – dominant and insistent, adding a truck-load of atmosphere to boot. However, it could well do without the twinkling closing dalliance with optimistic sentiment that spoils the overall confrontational mood.


‘Soul Sphere’ by Born of Osiris is out now on Sumerian Records.

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Words by Ali Cooper (@AliZombie_)


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