Album Review: Cautioners – Conditional Identity


Bristol-based musicians Cautioners have created a beautifully mellow EP that is simply hypnotising; you’ll listen to it over and over again. The group are yet to perform their first live gig, so it’s outstanding the level of talent they already hold with such little experience.

The EP opens with ‘Staging Area’ a soothing hypnotic track, with sweet soft riffs and harmonious vocals. The song is melodic, with a wickedly rocky edge. ‘Staging Area’ effortlessly moves from angelic to heavy rock then back again. This hit is delightfully enchanting and certainly captivating.

This follows with ‘The Build Up’ a similar hit, with a heavy beat but has an awesome upbeat catchy chorus. The riffs are playful and the melody is fantastic. Cautioners have found the X that marks the spot; they have their own unique innovative style and it works. The next song is ‘Iteration V’ starring slow hypnotic riffs, with heavy percussion and deep drums that profoundly standout against the rest of the track.

Cautioners finish the record with ‘Off Piste’ another captivating song with a harmonious melody, electronic symphonies and delicately ambient riffs overlapped by a heavy beat. All four tracks are unique yet complement one another, creating a wonderful EP that you won’t tire of. Cautioners are the freshest band on the Bristol block, and one to be keeping your beady eye upon.


‘Conditional Identity’ by Cautioners is released on 10th June on Scylla Records.

Cautioners links: Facebook

Words by Chantelle Kelly (@ChantelleKelly3)


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