Album Review: Cavorts – Got Your Brass

It is hugely to the credit of Barnsley four-piece Cavorts that their debut EP was released on the distinguished Distort Records, the Canadian home of the likes of Alexisonfire and Cancer Bats. To be courted by such a quality label speaks volumes about their credibility, which is yet further heightened by the fact that their debut will be released on Midlands envelope-pushers In At the Deep End Records.

Cavorts sound is intense, high octane and uncompromising. Driven along by vocalist/guitarist Ryan Senior’s ferocious, powerful vocals their sound tows a line that treads in many of the same footsteps as Every Time I Die, albeit rather more straight-forward and uncomplicated. Their slugging riffs have the mood of Motorhead combined with punk rock street smarts.

One of a number of colourfully titled tracks, ‘What’s Cracking Sister?’ opens with an absolutely thunderous riff that roars along like a charging shire horse. It feels like there is a great deal of experience and knowledge behind the metal hooks the band forge, and that a lot of hard work has gone into the structural relationship between the instrumental elements and the vocals.

‘Got Your Brass’ is not the finished article and in looking at the criticisms, I’ll take it back to that comparison with Every Time I Die. The songs are lacking the same progressive element and intelligent intricacy which the American band harnesses. Cavorts in all fairness look to create their own brand of noise and to criticise them purely for being straight forward would be very unfair – but the fact their songs regularly clock in at over four minutes means they could do with either trimming a bit of fat of mixing things up some more.

There are also one or two weaker tracks on the album which don’t rattle along with quite the same fluency and vigour as the others, as is the case with the rather dull ‘Kicks and Strikes’. These negative comments are difficult to write as the truth is there’s a lot to like about the album and this band offer the UK punk/metal scene a great deal – but I think with a bit of closer attention to detail Cavorts are capable of excellence.

As it stands they’ve still done very well, and if their live show sounds anything like this racket, they’re going to be pulling up trees on the live circuit.


‘Got Your Brass’ by Cavorts is out now on In At the Deep End Records.

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Words by Alex Phelan (@listen_to_alex)


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