Album Review: Cherry – Gloom EP

“CherryCurrently buried in the bustling and constant world of new releases is a unique manufacture of a 7” EP ready to be unearthed. Recorded in a bedroom somewhere in Philadelphia, ’Gloom’ shows some brave promise in the fuzz of the four tracks.

Opener ‘Golden Luv’ is a cocktail of acoustically-
strummed chords and reverbed guitar which glue well together, but unfortunately override the vocals. Following, ’Special Baby’ is a brilliantly drowsy mish-mash and a perfectly paced song for those reclusive nights in. ‘Alligators’ makes for a bouncy movie montage-esque track and is definitely a standout. Lastly ‘I’m So Tired’ sleepily draws the record to a close with the backing instrumentals merging to create the ultimate sound of jangly, twangy eclectic goodness.

An instrumentally interesting band, Cherry impress with their ability to create a journey through an atmospheric and honest soundscape which leads to the feeling of escapism equal to one experienced on a chilled out summer evening.

CHERRY – ALLIGATORS from Craig Scheihing on Vimeo.

The abstract vocals, provided by Russell Edling (formerly of Kite Party) are washy, slow, hazy and sometimes hard to distinguish amidst the crunchy, shrilling percussion and distorted indie guitar tones, but then again that is what gives Cherry their undeniably unique qualities.

Cherry are definitely more than happy to experiment with their sound – which is what it’s all about – and they’ve displayed their abilities to create well-structured tracks with this EP. A very nonchalant first release and rightfully so.


’Gloom EP’ by Cherry is released on 19th February on Lame-O Records.

Cherry links: Facebook|Twitter

Words by Phoebe Messenger (@kangaezu_ni)


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