Album Review: Climates – Body Clocks

Melodic hardcore’s rising stars Climates live up to their name with their debut LP ‘Body Clocks’ – some tracks send shivers down your spine, while others spark a raging fire of anger you forgot you had in you. Each song from ‘Body Clocks’ differs drastically from the last – there’s no logical order in which to play them, because either way, the rollercoaster from depression to rage will leave you disoriented in all the best ways. You’ve been looking for a band that can transport you back to a time when you couldn’t put your anger into words – never fear, Climates are here to rejuvenate the storm.

Having previously toured with While She Sleeps, Counterparts and Neck Deep, the Lincoln quintet are already working their way up, and rightly so. With only two years’ experience under their belts, Climates aren’t wasting any time in punching out great tracks on this debut – ‘Body Clocks’ proves they deserve every chance they get.

The LP’s first single ‘Leaves Of Legacy’ demonstrates vocalist Wes Thompson’s anguished uncleans juxtaposing his beautifully melodic cleans to paint a thousand pictures of despair – quite possibly the best track on the record. ‘The Bigger Picture’ similarly conveys the all-too-familiar conflict of interest between the disparaging uncleans and the dulcet post-hardcore tones. ‘Serpents from the Shadowlands’ opens with a haunting chant presenting a call to arms for the beaten and betrayed, while ‘Heaven’ closes with a distinctly ‘80s instrumental followed by a lingering whisper of their unmistakable message – “human nature’s left me for dead.”

Uniquely, each track from the LP gives every member their own chance to showcase their talents – no man is left behind. The morose cries of the electrics through ‘Worlds Away’ and ‘Realist’ suggest Climates’ artistry in striking a chord with just a few chords – you’d be hard pushed to not be moved by the powerful notes throughout ‘Whole Hearted’. Similarly, ‘Heaven (Is Only In My Head)’ and ‘Cryptic’ demonstrate Matt Powles’ raw, untamed talent behind the drum kit, ultimately proving the talent across the board within Climates.

Tracks such as ‘In The Heart Of Man’ and the beautifully welcome instrumental ‘Sundown’ set a morose scene midway through a blaze of destructive anger, utilising the atmospheric effects we’ve come to expect from Architects. In fact, the entire LP flashes back to the astounding emotional manipulation of ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’.

Witnessing these prodigies work their magic on their current supporting tour with Beartooth couldn’t come more highly recommended – Sheffield, Cardiff, Plymouth and Bournemouth dates are still to come in the next few days, so don’t miss these guys before they inevitably hit it big.

‘Body Clocks’ dynamic range of emotions, from the depths of failure and despair to blind fury at the state of humanity, proves how far Climates have come, and if this is what they produce after only 2 years together, their next album will be astounding.


‘Body Clocks’ by Climates is out now on Small Town Records.

Climates links: Facebook|Twitter

Words by Ali Cooper (@AliZombie_)


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