Album Review: Cold Summer – Cold Summer EP

imageComing off two EPs in 2012, self-proclaimed post-hardcore outfit Cold Summer release the full-length follow up. ‘Self-Titled’ is clean, well-rounded, and well-done collection of songs hinged on the soft and hard contrasts that is a part of their sound.

Cold Summer like to play around with their sound; the opposing vocal styles, for instance, move back and forth from melodic singing to harsh, messy screaming that somehow strikes the perfect balance. The screaming, like in ‘The Fallen’ and ‘Wake’ is the punch the album needs to keep going. It wakes you up and makes you pay attention.

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The band also like to experiment with rhythms and dynamics. ‘Ships’ is full of soft and loud bursts of sound, and layers quiet, calm guitar under loud, unnerving screams. The rhythms are dissonant and jarring at times, but it all somehow comes together. It’s clean and messy at the same time and is just fun to listen to.

Each track is unique in sound, and each varies in style. For example, ‘Waiting’ has a rolling rhythm with heavy instrumentals and a hard rock edge, and ‘Waiting (Alternative Version) is super slow, super dramatic, and, unfortunately, super boring. The band teeters back and forth from their edgier and more hardcore side to the cleaner, mainstream side, and occasionally falls into the bland, in-between sound. ‘Car Crash (In Progress)’ is that muddy, middle ground sound that isn’t heavy enough and is just a bit too mushy.

However, it must be said that this band has found a sound. Even though the songs waver on style, there’s a common, uniting style throughout that is very solid and very well done. The overall sound hearkens back to that early 2000s era pseudo pop-punk and post-hardcore sound that many of us are familiar with. The whole album is familiar sounding in a comforting way; you know what you’re getting and you like it.

That being said, it isn’t a new sound. We’ve all heard stuff like this before, and while it’s pretty good, it’s not great. It doesn’t leave a big impression and ends up being a bit watered down. If Cold Summer could inject some more personality to the lyrics and vocal melodies, it might make the difference and help them stand out and sound new.


‘Cold Summer’ by Cold Summer is available now on Bandcamp.

Cold Summer links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr

Words by Jenny Gagas.


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