Album Review: Come The Spring – Seven For A Secret

I have to say, I’m a sucker for this type of radio friendly alternative stuff, and Come The Spring seem to tick all the boxes from the start. Hailing from Brighton, with other bands such as Glass City Vice and Red Kyte causing a stir there lately it’s obvious there’s an audience for this sort of music there. Having been together less than a year Come The Spring seem to know what they want, and with this EP they are aiming to make a name for themselves by this summer.

‘Conditions’ opens the EP, jumping straight into the sort of song you’ll hear from almost every other pop rock band. The song ticks all the boxes; big sounding guitars and drums, the breakdown, the catchy chorus, but it fails to stand out amongst other similar bands. Saying that, it has been stuck in my head since I first listened to it, but it fails to bring anything new to a sound that is becoming more cliché with every new band that appears.

Into a slower effort, ‘Northern Star’ is another song that doesn’t seem to bring anything interesting or new forward. Don’t get me wrong, the music is good, but it’s just not as exciting as it seemed to intend to be at the intro of ‘Conditions’. Towards the end of the song my ears began to perk up, with harmonies that would benefit the band more if they were included more, and a scream that seemed to come from nowhere.

A completely different sound to the previous songs, ‘Patching The Cracks Doesn’t Make It Foolproof’ is a great example of what Come The Spring are capable of. Blink 182-esque at the beginning, until it breaks into the chorus that will no doubt be bugging me for days. I have no doubt that this is what will garner the band the right attention.

Getting heavier now, ‘Readbeforeyouwatch’ is a maturer effort from the band, and shows the band have a lot up their sleeve, including more harmonies which makes me question why they’re not used more. Although it gets a little repetitive at times, it’s still a great song for the band.

Back to the slower sound from the beginning, ‘The State Isn’t Important As Long As We’re One’  is a great example of what the vocalist is capable of. Another slightly repetitive song, but one of my favourites. A great choice of song to lead into ‘Statues’, the final song of the EP. Whether written  to be intended to close the EP or not, the drums building up at the beginning of the track and the guitars and vocals from the start have such a great atmosphere to them that it’s obvious why it’s closing the EP.

Although it filled the criteria’s that have been set by other similar bands, the EP started a little weak. While starting a little slow, the songs progressed and built up to a great display of Come The Spring’s potential. Some great songs, although some lack the detail which make them stand out. The music scene is abundant with similar bands, which must make it difficult to make a name for yourselves, but for a band that has been together less than a year it’s obvious there’s a lot more to Come The Spring than it seems.


‘Seven For A Secret’ by Come The Spring is out on the 25th March on Engineer Records.

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Words by Callum McPhee (@Callum0510)


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