Album Review: Crossfaith – Apocalyze

image Hailing from Osaka, Japan Crossfaith is certainly something new that brings a new style of heavy music to the ears of the masses. Mixing what is heavy and fast melodic metal with the electronic sensibilities of Prodigy and Pendulum, it is something to be heard.

As with any metal album ‘Prelude’ starts the album off with a slow build up of synths mixed with some whirring electronics. Soon enough the fast precise drums mix with the fast electronic sounds and lead guitar work to bring in some heavy riffs on ‘We Are The Future’. As the screams flow throughout the song you can definitely hear the electronic dance feel, dubstep beats drop near the end of the song to bring another element to the song.

Tracks like ‘Hounds Of Apocalypse’, ‘The Evolution’, ‘Gala Hala (Burn Down The Floor) and ‘Deathwish’ all to me sound too familiar and don’t have anything between them to be really stand out tracks. The tracks have plenty of good straight forward guitar work and are littered with some electronics in the background to make the songs sound like Crossfaith songs.

I have to say the majority of the tracks from the second half of the album from track six onwards really standout and make the biggest impact. ‘Countdown To Hell’ has a catchy yet heavy intro riff that triggers the drums to just go utterly crazy. The same feel runs through ‘Counting Stars’ which starts with an orchestral intro soon enough launches into full electronic and lead guitar flourishes. Slowing down to a haunting feel it lets frontman Koie’s screams cut through the chaos with ease. Another round from the electronic, guitar mixed chorus comes next to finish on a big breakdown and some sweet female sung vocals.

Two songs which for me really showcase what the band can do when on top form are ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Burning White’ as they both have their own unique sounds to them. The start of ‘Eclipse’ sounds like a discarded Prodigy electronic sample as it bounces along with the guitar and drums it is certainly catchy as hell. It’s the guitar riff and electronic lead synth that really makes the song what it is, the screams are their but with response backing vocals it just adds that bit extra to a great track. ‘Burning White’ is starts with another sporadic electronic sample, back vocals lead to some seriously fast drums which allow the heavy guitar riff bounce along. Again it’s the electronic synth that makes the song stand out with even some dubstep breakdown beats in the middle throw in more elements to the song.

For Crossfaith this is their first major western album release and an album that will either make them loads of fans or will just fall under the radar. The album is kind of split for me it has six really great tracks and then six mediocre songs that all sound too familiar. Either way the band has created something that is entirely unique as it blends at times perfectly the heavy metal aspects and dance electronic beats. For any music fans that love their metal with some dance beats or Pendulum with that heavy metal bite then you’ll love Crossfaith.


‘Apocalyze’ by Crossfaith is out on the 9th of September on Search And Destroy Records.

Crossfaith links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Aaron Wilson (@soundslikeajw)


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