Album Review: (Damn) This Desert Art – Pyramids

image There are some times in life when you look for a soundtrack to accompany your day that isn’t too loud, too fast, or too in your face and I may have found my answer to this in the form of ’Pyramids’, the debut full-length by (Damn) This Desert Air. This post-rock/alt outfit conjure up a series of tracks that have that oomph, yet do it in a very suave and subtle manner.

Admittedly, it took a couple of listens of ’Pyramids’ to fully get it, but believe me if you’re patient enough then you soon begin to realise that (Damn) This Desert air are in fact bloody brilliant. There’s a definite ambience about the record, one that you get sucked into, leading you off into your own dream-like state, calming and mellow. From ’Slave’ to instrumental ’Segue’, the band serve up a dish of exquisitely soothing rock tracks, pleasant and definitely easy on the ear.

Progressing into the ballsy ’Egypt’ and ’Cyclone’, an energy-fuelled side of (Damn) This Desert Air appears, throwing into the mix a larger dose of character. This really ups their game, delivering a series of infectious, lose-yourself-in-the-music style tracks; definitely ones to sink your teeth into.

’Pyramids’ journeys to and from melodies that deliver both calmer and energetic efforts, producing a full-length that twists and turns at the appropriate moments; experimenting with their genre in a charming and polished manner. Believe me when I say that (Damn) This Desert Air are worth your time, because if like me at first you aren’t quite sold, you will be after a couple of listens. You’ll thank yourself for taking the time to do so; a great record by a great band.


’Pyramids’ by (Damn) This Desert Air is out now on Engineer Records/Funtime Records.

(Damn) This Desert Air links: Facebook|Twitter|BandCamp

Words by Hannah Gillicker (@HannahGillicker)


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