Album Review: Daylight – One More Fight

Daylight - One More FightDaylight have always been on the verge of real success in the pop punk world and no, they aren’t from Southern California… or even the UK. The Barcelona natives have worked hard to build their reputation through furious live shows and great releases.

The opening track ‘Anthem Of The Broken’ is a real statement of intent from the very beginning. It packs a real punch with its mix of thunderous drums and vocal hooks before the song even gets going. The majority of the record continues in the same fashion, delivering song after song of fantastic instrumentation and pop punk songwriting. There is the odd break from the norm, as ‘Another Day’ uses a slower build up from an acoustic intro to show another side to the versatile Daylight.

Daylight really hit their best by track 3, ‘Consequences’ is one the best pop punk tracks you will hear all year. I’d go as far to say it could be the ‘Roam’ of 2015. The breakdown and gang vocal section illustrates how Daylight try and break from the norm and it works extremely well. They manage to pack the best of what they do into just over three and a half minutes.

Bouncy, fun pop punk is the order of the day here. Although pop punk can easily fall into a really generic hole, it’s bands like Daylight who can reinvigorate the scene. They may be singing about the same subjects as everyone else, but the way they put the point across means they are a breath of fresh air. A solid release from the Spaniards, be sure to catch them on tour in the UK this month.


‘One More Fight’ by Daylight is out now.

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Words by Andy McGonigle (@andyjmcg87)


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