Album Review: Dayseeker – What It Means To Be Defeated

imageAmerican post-hardcore group Dayseeker have released their latest album ‘What It Means To Be Defeated’. Your probably like me, haven’t heard of them, but trust me you’re in for a right treat. This record is sure to rocket them to success and will soon have a devoted UK fan base for sure.

’What It Means To Be Defeated’ is an exhilarating fast-paced record, filled with fierce innovative tracks which feature brutal screams, soaring melodies, awesome instrumentals and powerful breakdowns. Basically all the best ingredients to get you completely intoxicated with their style and sound.

It opens with ‘Black Earth’ a dark ominous track, with vicious vocals and screams backed by the rapid drums and deep heavy beat. The melody is entrancing, and it even features catchy lyrics in the chorus for fans to sing a long too. It’s obvious from the outset, these guys mean business and they are sure talented musicians.

The record follows in the same style throughout, all ten tracks are brutal with austere lyrics, ferocious vocals, a variety of musical elements, and overpowering soundscapes; all leaving a powerful profound impact on the listener. ‘Collision.Survive’ has poignant lyrics, telling the vivid story of a car crash – to create the metaphor for life falling apart. Next is the already released single of the title track ‘What It Means To Be Defeated’ which has a slow melodic introduction, which crashes in with unruly screams, a profound beat and electrifying riffs.

Dayseeker have already released another single off the album ‘Hollow Shell’, which is definitely the favourite hit and is simply an absolute masterpiece. A more melodic track, with real religious perspectives conveyed through creative moving lyrics, for example “I didn’t give light to this earth just to watch you fall to the dark”.

The other highlights are ‘Dead Man’, another more ambient track with a haunting beguiling style featuring soothing vocals and soft poetic riffs, with a magnificent melody. The album then turns back on the violent metal sound, following with the influential hit ‘Resurrect’ with mesmerising guitar sounds, and a wild hard-hitting beat.

Dayseeker have created a beautifully innovative, hard-hitting, hardcore metal album. Let’s be honest, this genre has become pretty full with such a huge amount of artists trying to break-it big, it’s become a saturated market; everyone just produces music that sounds like everyone else. Somehow, Dayseeker have completed nailed it, it’s original, fresh and authentic. The soaring melodies, the undoubtable instrumental talent, and the superb fierce vocals make it something special.

’What It Means To Be Defeated’ deserves to be listened to by any metal or hardcore fans, I have no doubt you will instantly be in ore. This record can only be the beginning of Dayseeker’s musical success; I will be first in line to pre-order their next musical release.


‘What It Means To Be Defeated’ by Dayseeker is out now on InVogue Records.

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Words by Chantelle Kelly (@ChantelleKelly3


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