Album Review: Despite My Deepest Fear – Selfish Generation EP

Despite My Deepest Fear - Selfish Generation EPAfter a series of member changes and general roadblocks, having new music from London’s Despite My Deepest Fear is a welcome refreshment.

Though as a whole ‘Selfish Generation’ picks up where 2013’s ‘Make Or Break’ left off, there is a real air of progression around the band’s new output. Though still painstakingly tight and filled to the brim with huge mosh parts and foot-tapping melody, there is a noticeable maturity and level of purpose within Despite My Deepest Fear’s songwriting now, rather than just delivering riffs solely for the pit.

This shines through brightest of the mountaintop-ready hooks of ‘F.Y.F’ and deep-set mosh fodder of ‘The Repressed’, while ‘Long Way Home’ and the title track dish out the perfect mix of downbeat debauchery and melodious harmony.

What Despite My Deepest Fear have delivered with ‘Selfish Generation’ is the most assured, balanced and best set of songs from a career that has stopped and started way more than it should have. If things keep going at a pace this strong though, the bigger stage may be calling their name in 2016.


‘Selfish Generation’ EP by Despite My Deepest Fear is out now.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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