Album Review: Devil You Know – They Bleed Red

Devil You Know – They Bleed Red
Metal lords Devil You Know return to their last checkpoint to dominate the face of modern metal with ‘They Bleed Red’.

The new LP is planted firmly in metallic soil with elements of hardcore that will surely satisfy any pre-requisites for those who are glutton for those ‘mosh’ moments. ’How The End Shall Be’ is dynamic, plunging into folkloric-esque sounds to cannon-blaring stomps.

The production is crisp, justifying the musical prowess the band have in constructing cadaver-waking breakdowns on opener ’Consume The Damned’ to the surreal spiralling solos on ‘Your Last Breath’ and on closer ‘Broken By The Cold’.

Vocalist Howard Jones achieves a new level of command with his voice seamlessly transitioning between operatic-esque clean vocals (on the stripped ‘Let The Pain Take Hold’) and throat strangling shrieks of, “make no mistake that these words reign clear, we move as one there is no fear” on ‘Shattered Silence’.

Jones’ signature lyrical approach is polarizing on ‘Break the Lines’, “To the end of the earth we run, blistering from the rising sun,” a testament to longevity of the might the band surely have for the future.

’They Bleed Red’ is a triumphant release paying homage to the fighting spirit.


’They Bleed Red’ by Devil You Know is released on 6th November on Nuclear Blast Records.

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Words by Aaron Akeredolu (@boymostlikelyto)


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