Album Review: Direct Hit! & The Haverchucks – Split 7”

I love straight up punk rock, the type which is upbeat, simple and fun. This is a great split release with each band contributing two relatively short but good tracks. Direct Hit! remind me ever so slightly of NOFX with their seemingly fun attitude to writing music and jokey lyrics. Their first track (‘Fallout Shelter Television’) clocks in at just under a minute and a half, and it is just a simple punk rock song but its catchy and fun.

‘Operation’ gives a better outlook of this band. The uplifting guitar riff and brilliant driving bass line compliments the catchy call and response verses, are a typical sound of this genre but it doesn’t get old. You cannot help but bop your head along to this track; although the thought of comparing someone to a tumour who needs removing may be a bit of a choice metaphor; it seemingly works and should be taken lightly.

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The Haverchucks side of the split provides a similar sound of punk rock to their counterparts; With one difference being the lyrical content, they’re sound instrumentally however is almost identical. Surprisingly it doesn’t make the release monotonous; on the contrary, it is a perfect coupling for a split release.

Their final track ’(The Girl Gave Me) The Runaround’ is a familiar sound of early era Blink-182. The duel vocals, simplistic but catchy rhythm section and the obvious topic of the opposite sex it is nothing new but it is done well, you would have to hate the bands mentioned and the genre itself to not enjoy these tracks.

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This whole release is just over 10 minutes long, but within that short amount of time you are given 4 upbeat punk tracks that even though they are similar in sounds, the two bands go hand in hand and it is a perfect match.


‘Split 7"’ by Direct Hit! and The Haverchucks is available now on Kind of Like Records/Bright & Barrow Records.

Direct Hit! links: Facebook|Bandcamp

The Haverchucks links: Facebook|Bandcamp

Words by Robert Maddison (@BertMaddison)


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