Album Review: Don Broco – Priorities

I’m trying my best to categorise Don Broco. I mean, how do you define their style? If you knew the band you could probably hear one of their songs and know it’s theirs because they do sound really distinguishable, but what are they?! (Please be aware that this is definitely a compliment. I’m working my way to it, so just read on please. Ok? Good! Right…)

The first two tracks ‘Priorities’ and ‘Hold On’ have definitely got a pretty big alt rock vibe to them, even close to post hardcore some might say. I mean, riffs aplenty, right?! Still with the lyrical content about girls that gives Don Broco that cheeky lad edge.

Bring it on over to the next track ‘Yeah Man’ and we’ve got an acoustic and a drum beat that speaks country for the verses. Country or folk, I’m not sure. You’ll know what I mean, but it’s laced with Rob Damiani’s lyrics and that brings it back to Don Broco camp. The same with ‘Here’s The Thing,’ a bit slower than the first two tracks but again about girls. Honest lyrics though, getting pretty personal ‘You just fill the time, lover.’

Possibly the poppiest of the lot, complete with a clapped middle 8 but again, still drenched in this Don Broco charm that seems so applicable. What style are Don Broco? I’m still not sure…

The verse is a bit laid back in ‘Fancy Dress’ but the chorus kicks out with all the pent up energy that wasn’t let out in the past 3 songs. The riffs are laid down on the table again and are as catchy as ever. As if those vocal lines aren’t catchy enough Don Broco will always be set on catching you hook, line and sinker with tasty, tasty riffs. Heavy again and brilliantly crafted.

The clean guitars are out again for ‘In My World’ and it’s certainly a track that would feature well acoustically in an intimate venue, showing that the band can write great tracks without a massive chorus. The tempo is up again as ‘Back In The Day’ provides a massive chorus and middle 8 in that sought after Don Broco style.

There’s some synth undertones with some quick mathy riffs in ‘You Got It Girl’ that feels like it could fit in back in the 80s. Well, until that mammoth chorus comes in. No matter what Don Broco seem to showcase, they always deliver it in full Don Broco force.

The riffs are back to end the album with ‘Let’s Go Back To School’ and ‘Actors,’ with the former showing off catchy chorus in a lighter sense and the latter in that epic kind of way that they do. Both as catchy as each other yet at different ends of the Don Broco spectrum.

I realise that this review has been quite repetitive. Maybe I’m just lacking in exciting and original ways to say what I want to say, but when an album sounds like you expect it to, and in this case these songs do sound like Don Broco songs, then surely that’s the best thing you can ask for? It’s not the best album of the year and some songs are better than others, but it’s certainly an album to catch the attention of new fans.

Now, about that genre? Who cares. It really, really don’t matter. It’s good and that’s what matters.


‘Priorities’ by Don Broco is out now on Search And Destroy.

Don Broco links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Mikey Brown (@MikeyMiracle)


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