Album Review: Eldora – The Hopeless, The Submissive

imageEldora’s latest release, ‘The Hopeless, The Submissive’, is their last. Four tracks recorded before the band decided to call it quits deemed too good to be shelved. Given the circumstances I’d say release it anyway, who cares if it’s too good to be shelved or too bad to released. If it’s over, it’s over. Give the world whatever you’ve got left. Fortunately for me I haven’t had to test my resolve against the last stand of a terrible band and ‘The Hopeless, The Submissive’ is pretty sweet.

‘Affair of Affairs’ erupts immediately. Heavy, discordant, and reminiscent of the southern sound heroics of bands such as He Is Legend and Every Time I Die. At times throughout both this track and EP, however, Eldora do toe the line between paying homage and openly pillaging the former. ‘For The Boatman’ is raw, the main riff heavy, the drumming so strong, and the vocals oddly beautiful in performance. ‘Lady Liberty’ is solid and politically charged. Although without access to the lyrics and the standard difficult deciphering those of any heavy band ever, I’m not entirely sure which end of the spectrum this one sits though. It’s either a scathing indictment of American foreign policy or it’s a flag-waving anthem. I really wish they’d included the lyrics with the press release.

The Hopeless, The Submissive by ELDORA

Last track ‘Dead or Alive’ brings things to a close for the very last time in the history of Eldora. A strong close, a heavy close, and a close that proves what a shame it is to lose a band like this one. At the end of the day, there are other bands playing greatly similar music all over the world. Too much of a good thing may indeed end up less than ideal, but no one really enjoys it when the number drops.

Four tracks might seem a little short for a swansong and it’s often the case with EPs that they feel something of a stopgap, designed to leave you wanting more. Unfortunately there’ll be no more from Eldora, but they can move on with their heads held high.


’The Hopeless, The Submissive by Eldora is out now on Giant MKT.

Words by Thomas Knott (@nounandthenouns)


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