Album Review: Elysium – In Valour EP

Elysium are a small-time alternative rock band from Watford. I held great expectations after the band promising to deliver the dynamism of Lower Than Atlantis, the melodic onslaught of A Day To Remember and Four Year Strong, with the power and drive of Architects. I’ve got to say, I was not left disappointed. ‘In Valour’ is a fantastic post-hardcore EP staring powerful instrumentals, punchy melodies and exceptional vocals that absolutely captivate you. The band has absolutely smashed it by cleverly infusing different styles of vocals from the two singers Shaun Taylor and Harley Jones, with the hard-hitting screams from Ollie Reeve.

The EP begins with the title track ‘In Valour’  which begins with an electrifying guitar instrumental and heavy drums that instantly scream rock. The vocals swiftly change from a sweet sounding pop-punk style to a heavy raw metal deep voice during the chorus. The band is insanely instrumentally talented, being displayed through the awesomely catchy melodies and beat.

This follows with ‘I’m a Thief but I Keep What I Steal’, which carries on in the similar alternative rock style. This track stars a catchy chorus allowing fans to sing a long, although the vocals could be stronger during the chorus performance. Just a little volume adjustment and to hear the same passion during the screaming sessions would definitely turn this track into an absolute smash-hit. Once again, we have the insanely awesome riffs from lead guitarist Harley Jones.

The favourite track ‘Scars’ begins with a punchy fast-paced beat and harmonious riffs; you are instantly hit with powerful hardcore vocals and screaming. You can imagine fans thrashing their arms and head banging along to this hardcore hit. The drums from Lewis Crawley are powerful and absolutely mesmerising, with fantastic playing on the rhythm guitar from Shaun Taylor.

The release closes with ‘Boy’ which begins with a melodic slow-paced introduction which instantly smashes into a hardcore fast-paced instrumental. The slow electrifying riffs are mesmerising and soothing to hear, in contrast with the raw edged vocals. The chorus has the sweet sounding pop-punk vocals allowing you to sing along. Different to rest of the EP, this track is pouring with emotion that makes it superb. The pace begins to slow with more soft sweet vocals and the lyrics ‘there’s no turning back’, which gradually rises to outstanding hard-core screaming and a heavy rock melody.

Elysium have created an amazing EP that will leave you wanting more. This band will certainly make a stamp on the music scene with these terrific tracks, you have certainly gained one more fan – I will be excitedly waiting for your next release!  


‘In Valour’ by Elysium is being released on the 13th May.

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Words by Chantelle Kelly


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