Album Review: EnterTheLexicon – EnterTheLexicon EP

imageFor a UK based band still very much in its infancy, signing with an independent label on the other side of the Atlantic isn’t bad going at all. Initially turning heads on their home turf with support from the local BBC Introducing team, Geordie three piece EnterTheLexicon have teamed up with LA based Kill/Hurt Recordings (known for their retro ethics of cassette/vinyl releases) to deliver their self titled debut EP. It’s safe to say this is a record that boasts some of the best new music I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in a long time.

With an ominous slur of feedback, ‘Do You Feel The Same’ begins the debut. It’s catchy as hell and, whether intended or not, offers an oh-so-welcome bout of nostalgia in its My Vitriol ‘Finelines’ era chorus. On ‘I Am Not You’, the trio certainly channel their listed influences with passages of Cobain-like “hey yeah yeah’s” and a riff laden breakdown that will surely have Reuben fans grinning like certified basket cases.

‘Full Moon’ feels less polished and misguided in its notable tinges of pop-punk, but showcases the strengths of vocalist Mykl Barton in its exposed melodies none the less. Finally, in an introductory surge of guitars and drums homaging Nirvana’s ‘Breed’, EP finisher ‘Enantiodromia’ is a sure case of saving the best for last. “You were meant to be my fantasy, locked away inside my apathy,” wails Barton in a chorus that will undoubtedly have most listeners singing along by its second occurrence. Named after a Carl Jung principle of abundant forces and consequential opposites, the track itself serves as a concise summary of what this band do best. Big riffs. Big melodies. Big vibes all round.

All in all, a fantastic first EP that manages to both innovate and reference the core elements of the genre’s pioneers without infringement. Here’s to an undoubtedly bright future for EnterTheLexicon.


‘EnterTheLexicon’ EP by EnterTheLexicon is out now on Kill/Hurt Recordings.

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Words by Joe Danher


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