Album Review: FALLS – One Hundred Percent Strong EP

FALLS are a talented quartet that have taken some heavy inspiration from the 1970s British punk scene and have brought a new light into an era of sound that is now kept in darkness. Having shared stages with a handful of emerging British names; Allusondrugs, Black Peaks, Press To MECO and God Damn, ‘One Hundred Percent Strong’ sees the quartet stepping things up through monumental melodies, great rhythms and an overall gritty, punk-fueled energy.

Opening track ‘Get Well Soon,’ sets the tone early with its sharp riffs, frentic riffs and raucous undercurrent. There’s a good steady beat that resonates an energetic feel throughout, as its drum beat forcefully pumps through your veins. Contrasted by a muddy mid-section, it’s clear the four-piece are willing to keep you guessing with their self-proclaimed “sasscore” title, yet it seems just a little out of place in comparison to the rest of such a powerful song.

Next ‘Shady Nasty’ begins with a quiet, repetitive chords which smoothly transitions into a heavy, dense riff. The gang vocals add a real Brit punk layer with a grunge-esque breakdown as if transported straight back to the ‘70s.

They’re characterised by a reckless punk attitude throughout. The vocal overlays in ‘SWARM’ really add depth, with screams harmonising perfectly with vocalist Martin Gallagher contributing passion and aggression. The mini-breakdown that leads into the gentle vocals is a calming change to the rest of the song.

Closer ‘Death In Disco Shoes’ proves to be sharp and explosive as it sways back and forth between its calm verses and adrenaline-filled chorus. It works as it keeps your attention at all times, as memorable a stand-out track as one of their more rock-esque tracks.

This is a great band with substantial potential. They have come bursting into the music scene by absorbing a vintage punk energy alongside strong vocals and intelligent lyrics. FALLS are a band that can truly go far.


‘One Hundred Percent Strong’ EP by FALLS is released on May 13th on Venn Records.

FALLS links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Beth Lawson (@BethShoutSound)


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