Album Review: Fenrir – Live Like Royalty EP

imageSuffolk alternative rockers Fenrir have released their debut EP ‘Live Like Royalty.’ All six tracks are delightfully up-beat ambient rock tracks that feature awesome melodies, brilliant instrumental talent and catchy choruses. This small-time band toured with Searching Alaska earlier this year, and have just completed their July summer tour celebrating this records’ release. These guys are pumped and wishing to get their musical talent out there and heard.

The EP is a wicked little taster for the group’s talent, and I was absolutely thrilled whilst listening to the tunes. These guys are talented, and I can only see them going from strength to strength. My personal favourite has got to be ‘The Puppeteer’ which begins with hard-hitting drums and riffs, then slows into a chanting melodic verse which features soft sweet vocals from vocalist Ben Slater. This gradually builds up into terrific brutal screams and a heavy beat, the melody is fantastic and the track stars amazing electrifying riffs. This song certainly showcases Fenrir’s talents; they can seamlessly transition from harmonious and ambient, to ferocious rock.

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The EP begins with ‘Victory Rose’, a slow-paced short introductory track to settle you into the EP. It features slow ambient poetic riffs, mesmerising vocals and takes you off into a breathtaking rock instrumental. This follows with ‘Haven’t You Heard?’ which begins with explosive riffs and drums, along with a glorious upbeat melody. The chorus is punchy, catchy and hard-hitting; this song is simply a superb powerful hit. The other tracks ‘Flash Fires’ and ‘Confessions’ follow in the same ferocious style, with heavy beats, electrifying riffs and fantastic melodies. The instrumental talent is wonderful; these guys certainly add their own unique flair to the generic alternative rock sound.

The other top hit is ‘Click’ which is unique to other tunes; it’s slow and ambient, then roars into heavy rock. The melodic verses are enchanting, mesmerising and full of emotion. I really like the catchy lyrics; “I still think of you, I click my heels together, take me away from here”. This hit is a powerful whirlwind of passion and emotion, with an exquisite instrumental. It features more aggressive screams, and has a sweet harmonious melody.


‘Live Like Royalty’ by Fenrir is available now.

Fenrir links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Chantelle Kelly (@ChantelleKelly3)


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