Album Review: F.O.E.S – Antecedence EP


As the year goes on, British music is continuing to prove it is in its best run of form in several years. Though with so many bands bubbling under the surface of big things, it is hard to pick and choose which ones to give your hearing time to. One example craving your attention is F.O.E.S, who over the past couple of years have developed their own brand of off-key heavy music that transcends anything else doing the rounds right now. Returning with the follow-up to debut EP ‘Ophir’, the band are setting their sights on the bright lights of the big time and the prospect of tearing apart venues bigger than your local.

In the form of an EP, F.O.E.S are pretty breathless. Opener ‘Rival Thrones’ stabs with sharpened spite and engrossingly vivid guitars, while ‘Crown Antler’ plays with punchy metal influence and building vocal intensity to create a hauntingly delicate but punishing 3 and a half minutes. Held up against their peers, F.O.E.S seem to have the guts to go further than just the straight-forward rock barriers and create music that is as smouldering as it is ferocious and possesses more twists than most of their peers can even consider including.

As the EP rolls on, things get even more dark as ‘El Penumbra’ develops from smoky mystery into a devilishly beautiful wall of noise before ‘This Is Kingdom Come’ blasts out with a darkly ambient background and quintessentially British twang. The closing crescendo of the EP in the form of ‘No Sleepers Verse’ proves to be a highlight, as loose guitars blend effortlessly into building drums and spiralling riffs before everything plummets into oblivion and beyond. This is music that deserves your time and energy and will open itself in different ways each time you hear it.

F.O.E.S have the style, substance and identity to stand against whatever or whoever crosses their path. ‘Antecedence’ is a considerable step up in creativity and shows off vibrant, sprawling, big rock songs that demonstrate the strength of British music on show if you just search a little bit. Keeping one eye open on these boys would be a wise move indeed.


‘Antecedence’ by F.O.E.S is out now on Crooked Noise Records.

F.O.E.S links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp|YouTube

Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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