Album Review: Forever After – Wilderness

Up and coming Essex indie-rock quartet Forever After have released their second EP ‘Wilderness’; a collection of pop-indie style tracks that certainly pack a punch. Every track will have your tootsies up and you rocking along.

Forever After have called themselves a pop-punk group, admittedly after checking out their online pages and looking at the song names- I was expecting your typical young punk rock style tracks with the raw screaming/singing. However, I was pleasantly surprised by their unique melodic indie-style sound with electrifying riffs and dancey melodies.

The EP begins with ‘I’ve Got Friends’, the track introduces their style immediately with an electric guitar instrumental that smashes into an upbeat rock track. The main vocalist Dom Littler has an interesting deep voice that you often hear in indie genre groups, that gives the tracks a more melodic feel.

This follows with ‘Game Over’ which has a heavy beat introduction that flows into an extremely catchy dancey melody, making your foot twitch to the tune. The track is certainly an indie-style cheerful hit with perfectly timed instruments that create a wonderful tune.

The favourite track ‘Grab a Drink’ begins on a similar upbeat dance with electrifying riffs. This then changes to a disjointed tune with the use of a deep heavy bass, creating an innovative smash-hit record. The melody is wonderful and the chorus is super catchy. It’s a one off musical delight your ears don’t want to miss.

The next tracks ‘Stay’ and ‘Stupidity’ have the similar buoyant style, with powerful vocals and awesome instrumentals. Forever After have really nailed there incredible melodies, every track is an original magnificent delight that makes you simply want to dance along.

The EP has a wonderful finish with ‘Chapters’, an outstanding poetic acoustic guitar track. The soulful song stars ambient guitar riffs and beautiful powerful vocals. The track is an amazing closer for this epic EP.

Forever After have managed to create an original indie style EP with the finest trimmings. The tracks are full of individuality and creativity, and the vocals truly make them stand-out in this crowded music industry. The group haven’t been around for a long time, so this is definitely a band to keep your peepers watching; they are certainly talented enough to head for stardom.


‘Wilderness’ by Forever After is out now.

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Words by Chantelle Kelly (@ChantelleKelly3)


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