Album Review: Get Inuit – 001 EP

Few bands can leave much of an impression with four tracks and just over ten minutes of music, but then most bands aren’t Alcopop! Records’ newest stallions in a strong stable, Get Inuit. Emerging from the modest environs of sleepy Kent commuter town Sittingbourne, the quartet put a fresh spin on tired surf-pop tropes to bring a little sunshine into these seemingly endless frigid winter climes. With a style that will appeal in equal measure to those who still hold the memory of Surrey grungers Stagecoach in high regard and to those who were seduced by undoubtedly one of the underground success stories of last year, PUP, the ‘001 EP’ will go some way to convincing more than just the cherry-pickers at BBC Introducing why they’re ripe for the plucking.

Whether it be the languid Vampire Weekend-isms of opener ‘Dress Of Bubblewrap’ or the snarling, snotty indie pop of ‘Cutie Pie, I’m Bloated’, Get Inuit have something for everyone and everything in-between, such as the melodic ‘Coping With Death In A Nutshell’, which features a hook that gets jammed in your head for days (which may be down to its resemblance to that of ‘When You Were Young’ by The Killers). The faster, gritter “half” of the release consisting of the aforementioned ‘Cutie Pie…’ and the irresistible ‘I Would’ are the more enjoyable elements of this release from a personal perspective, but the beauty of this is many will have different perspectives and nobody will truly be wrong, as each of the four songs present have significant strengths.

Get Inuit recently formed part of Already Heard’s 50 For 2015 feature, and if the rest of the bands featured on that list release something half as enjoyable as ‘001’, we are in for a very rosy year indeed. A strong debut that’s produced extremely well by the band’s guitarist James, the only real disappointment here is there’s not enough of it. Having only formed in 2013, Get Inuit have honed their craft in the live arena – imagine how good they’ll be another year down the line.


‘001’ EP by Get Inuit is released on 23rd February on Alcopop! Records.

Get Inuit links: Facebook|Twitter|Soundcloud

Words by Ollie Connors (@olliexcore)


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