Album Review: Glass City Vice – Waves


Brighton seaside rockers Glass City Vice are releasing their third EP ‘Waves’. The tracks are typical upbeat alternative rock hits, proving a disappointment considering the group are really talented but it’s just nothing new or spectacular.

The band’s ambitions are questionable too, they have been together for over three years and have successfully supported bands such as The Audition and The Xcerts, so it leaves you wondering- why haven’t they released a full album yet?

The record opens with the title track ‘Waves’ which is a playful cheery tune with a fine beat and melody, and features a catchy soft chorus. The instrumental talent is brilliant and singer Josh Oliver has a wonderful melodic voice that’s a real delight to hear. This introductory hit is good, but misses that spark of ingenuity to make it an exceptional chart-topper.

This follows with ‘Have To Say’ which I have to say (ha ha) sounds rather the same, making it clear the group seem to lack any sort of originality. Again we have a buoyant hit with a slower-pace soft chorus and rocky riffs – it’s all too similar for my liking. Unfortunately the closing song ‘Just A Position’ follows in the same suit too, it simply sounds exactly the same. The record style is a form of uniformity, in other words- it lacks innovation and uniqueness.

Considering this is going to be a free EP to grab more fans and get their name out there, they seem to have failed in creating something truly amazing. For me, an EP should showcase the band’s variety, but this to me just says “yeah, we’re a one trick pony”. It lacks diversity and real creativity – it’s just another alternative rock EP that sounds like all the others, it’s just…okay.


‘Waves’ by Glass City Vice is released on the 26th August. 

Glass City Vice links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Chantelle Kelly (@ChantelleKelly3)


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